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Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

Love Your Garden – Quad Pod Maxi Studio


What’s included in this price

3m x 2.4m  QuadPod Maxi Studio
3.06m x 2.46m exterior, 2.85m x 2.25m interior

  • EPDM rubber roof with shingle finish
  • Adjustable steel base frame and concrete pads foundation system
  • Dark grey Weatherboard cladding at rear
  • Horizontal Western Red Cedar cladding at front and right side
  • Horizontal Western Red Cedar cladding to left side (normally the side without the door is dark grey weatherboard)
  • UPVC door (opening out withgrey exterior and white interior frame in right wall)
  • UPVC fixed picture window in front (offset to left side)
  • Double sockets x 4 (one in each corner)
  • Junction box on front to right side
  • Guttering and downspout at rear
  • Light Grey laminate flooring and white skirting boards
  • Outside light
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • VAT

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