Sanctum Garden Studios and Love Your Garden

Sanctum Garden Studios and Love Your Garden

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Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

Sanctum Garden Studios and Love Your Garden

Sanctum were delighted to be able to build their new QuadPod studio in Nottingham with the ITV Love Your Garden team.

Sanctum were delighted to be able to build their new QuadPod studio in Nottingham with the ITV Love Your Garden team.  Daniel loves playing the drums and the team wanted to give him a space within the garden that would be his very own music studio and chill out zone. Sanctum Garden Studios stepped up and provided their newest garden building.

With the modern design of the garden the QuadPod Studio fits perfectly into the space and adds a beautiful contemporary feature within the landscape. The team used the cedar laths from the building as inspiration for more elements within the garden, such as the fencing, BBQ area and the patio space. This way the garden has a feeling of cohesion and it gave Daniel a clear destination for when he was in the garden.

The QuadPod range has been recently launched by Sanctum. The QuadPod Studio and Office start at £8995 including delivery, installation and VAT for their smallest studio of 2.4m x 1.8m - a fabulous little studio for those with a really tight plot.

As with all of Sanctum’s studios, the QuadPod is fully insulated and comes with power outlets and lighting. Design and installation are all included in the price. This building would add a wow factor to any garden.

The QuadPod Studio with picture window was built specifically for the drum kit to be used with a view into the beautiful newly landscaped garden.  It looks cool and modern with it’s cubed shape and Western Red Cedar.  If you want to buy this studio, please click here for further information.

The Contemporary Sauna Room in Yorkshire

The Contemporary Sauna Room in Yorkshire

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Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

The Contemporary Sauna Room in Yorkshire

In April the Sanctum team were in Leeds installing this gorgeous Contemporary Studio with overhanging roof ready for it to be used as a sauna room

The Brief

In April the Sanctum team were in Leeds installing this gorgeous Contemporary Studio with overhanging roof ready for it to be used as a sauna room. The building was to replace a “summer house” and needed to fit in between two bushes. The stone wall needed to be excavated and the decking continued back.

Nick was looking for a 3.6m x 3m unfinished Contemporary Studio to which he could add the sauna himself.  The studio had no flooring and internal electrics and was installed with the following:

  • Adjustable steel base and foundation system
  • Western Red Cedar at the front, rear and sides
  • Guttering and downspout at rear
  • Internal partition
  • Internal sauna door (which the customer sourced and provided)
  • OSB interior (except in the sauna area which was left open and ready to insulate and finish)
  • Insulated lobby, walls, ceiling and floors finished in OSB board ready to accept final finishes

Today, Nick emailed us with these amazing photos and this is what he said:

Finally finished the sauna!! Here are some photos of the completed project. Feel free to post them on your site.
If anyone wants any advice on converting your studios to a sauna I’m more than happy to talk to them, recommend suppliers etc.  We’re absolutely delighted with the building and it works really well as a sauna. I was very impressed with the service you provided and the way that you happily changed the basic design to meet my needs

We at Sanctum think this studio looks incredible. If you too want one of these, please email

Beauty room in Sussex

Beauty room in Sussex

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Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

Beauty room in Sussex

Nikki from Worthing needed some extra space in which to conduct beauty treatments

The Brief

Nikki from Worthing needed some extra space in which to conduct beauty treatments – it was to be her therapy room. She needed the room to be light and airy and to fit it in to quite a tight spot at the bottom of her garden.


For the room to fit, the shorter side had to house the doors of this 2.4m x 4.2m Studio – the height was just less than 2.5m.

Planning Permission

In most cases with studios less than 2.5m in height, planning permission is not normally required. However in Nikki’s case she has to make an application due to using her garden room for her business. Nikki worked closely with a local architect who also liaised with Sanctum with regard to the specific details of the studio. Sanctum also supplied elevated drawings to support Nikki’s application.


The cost of a 2.4m x 4.2m Contemporary Studio with overhanging or cubed roof is £12900. In addition French doors (the size of which depend on the size of the studio) are a fixed price at £500. All Sanctum Contemporary Studios include delivery, installation and VAT.

How Long it took to Build

The Sanctum team were on site at 8am on day 1 of installation and the studio was in place and finished by the end of day two. All that Nikki had to do was to connect her house mains to the studio junction box via her electrician and move in.

Key Features

Nikki decided that the everything included in the studio price worked for her which included:-

  • Directional lighting and light switch
  • American Walnut laminate flooring and white skirting boards
  • White Melamine finish with joint strips
  • Guttering and downspout at the rear
  • EPDM rubber cubed roof
  • Western Red Cedar cladding at the front, rear and sides

The only optional extra chosen were the outside lights at £80 each.

ITV’s The Home Game

ITV’s The Home Game

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Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

ITV’S The Home Game

Friday, 3rd March at 3pm ITV


In August last year, we were approached by a tv production company who wanted to find a homeowner set to have a garden studio installed amongst other house renovations.  Filming was to be for a new ITV homes show set to be broadcast early 2017.

The show has finally been finished and we are delighted to be included in Episode 2, aired on Tuesday, 28th February at 3pm on ITV.  We were really happy to have been asked to be involved and after discussions with our lovely Windermere customer (talented artist Karen Wallis), embarked on a some filming sessions and conversations with the production company .  Big thanks go to Karen for taking the time to be filmed and interviewed.

In the show you will see Karen’s garden studio being installed alongside her house renovations.  Along with 3 other home owners, their properties are valued before any renovations and then once they have been finished.  The aim of the game is to achieve the most profit and be crowned the winner.

The show features the installation of Karen’s art studio and an interview about her requirements.  There is also footage of Sam from Sanctum being interviewed.


It all started with a visit to the Sanctum workshop by Karen’s father in law – he’s based local to us and he came in for a chat explaining that his son and daughter in law wanted a studio in The Lakes. Karen then got in touch and explained that she needed a garden room to be used as an art studio.

The Art Studio had to have lots of light and be positioned where the garage was currently standing – slightly elevated and where the wonderful views of Lake Windermere could be taken in. We knew we had to adapt our standard Contemporary studio design to fit in with the height that Karen required – she needed to ensure her easel could fit. We also adjusted the standard sizes of our doors and windows to maximise the views and the light from the North which is so important to artists.

It was essential for Karen to be able to take in the views whilst she was working in her art studio, and more importantly she needed to ensure that her easel would fit. We built Karen a bespoke Contemporary Studio – 4.8m x 4m with a large overhang and lots of glazing – we added a set of bespoke width French doors ( 3.4m), a 900mm door at the rear and a large 2m full height fixed window to the side. The interior was plastered and painted and inset downlighters were added in the ceiling. Karen opted for a Light Oak laminate flooring and skirting boards and also an Air Source Heat Pump which will provide air conditioning in the warm Summer months and heating in the chilly Winters.

Karen loves her studio and for us it really is one of our favourites.

TV Interview Q & A

Here’s the tv interview which shows how we worked closely with Karen to provide her with exactly what she wanted:-

Does this location lend itself perfectly to a garden studio?

Absolutely.  You really couldn’t get a more stunning view and the garden studio looks just perfect in Karen’s garden.

More so, does it lend itself to an art studio?

Karen’s art studio in this location is just idyllic.  That said, we have many customers who use theirs as art studios.  Most of these don’t have the surroundings that Karen has but we ensure that the right size is chosen to make the most of the customer’s individual plot.

What other uses do clients commonly have for your studios?

Many customers use their garden rooms as offices but we also have teenage dens, needlework rooms, beauty therapy businesses, tattoo studios, gyms and even a couple of man caves!  Often customers just want another sitting room away from the house in the corner of their garden.  Somewhere to take in a nice view that perhaps can’t be seen from the house.

Was it important to utilise the view?

Yes it really was.  We totally understood why Karen wanted so much glazing.

Were there any issues when installing the garden studio?

Everything went smoothly with this installation although the height of the base did pose some challenges meaning that the team needed to erect a scaffold safely around it in order to build it safely.  The old concrete garage floor had been built to slope into a drain but we were easily able to level this out using our specially designed steel base frame.

What options were available to Karen?

With our Contemporary Studios we offer a number of optional extras and Karen chose the Air Source Heat Pump and an interior upgrade to a plastered and painted finish.  Karen also asked if we would add 3 external flood lights which we were happy to do.

Small, exterior rooms can often be either too cold or too hot – how has this been addressed?

All of our studios are really well insulated in the floor, walls and roof.  We use aluminium faced PIR insulation boards which is widely used in the construction industry to help meet strict building regulations regarding energy conservation.  This type of insulation also protects against heat gain in the Summer months and ensures a comfortable temperature year round.  We also use ‘A’ rated window and door frames fitted with specially coated double glazed units filled with argon gas.  Again to improve thermal performance.  Many customers opt for our Air Source Heat Pump though as this gives the added benefit of air conditioning when it gets too hot, and additional heating when it snows!

Do you think she’s made the most of the view?

I really do  - I think Karen’s got it just right and we’re delighted to have built the studio for her.

Are you jealous of what she’s got here?

Yes, I really am.  Windermere is such a beautiful place and to have this lake view on a daily basis is incredible.

Do you think this’ll add value to the property?

Certainly. We heard recently from a customer in the South of England who had their house valued for re-mortgage purposes. Their chartered surveyor commented that their garden room had added almost double the amount that they had paid for it. Naturally they were very happy to share this with us!

I’m delighted with my fabulous new studio by Sanctum Garden Studios.  I knew the design I wanted and Sam and Gary were so helpful in making my dream a reality.  I can’t thank them and  the team enough for their commitment and professionalism

Karen, Windamere

This bespoke 4.8m x 4m Contemporary Studio with bespoke height and overhang costs £19400 including VAT, delivery and installation plus Karen’s chosen optional extras and bespoke glazing. For further information or if you would like a studio price breakdown, please email your requirements to or use our contact form.

Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

As featured on

Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

So excited to have made our TV debut on ITV’s Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh.

The Sanctum team were featured installing a 2.4m x 2.4m Contemporary Studio with EPDM rubber cubed roof finished with a sedum ‘green living roof’.

After being approached by the Series Producer back in April, we were asked to be involved in a garden created for a well-deserved Durham family. The Hunters recently faced tragedy when father Philip sadly passed away aged 40. Philip and his wife Sam had great plans to get the garden beautiful especially for their eldest son Ethan who is profoundly deaf and struggles to go to local spaces independently. The challenge was to create a safe space where they could frame their beautiful view. The show producers felt that one of our smaller Contemporary Studios would fit perfectly in the available space. They wanted lots of glass in the front and back so that Ethan, Sam and his younger brother Joshua could take in the fantastic views of the nature reserve at the back of the garden.

The studio was built in just two days and, as with all of our studios, come with fully insulated walls floors and roof panels, along with housing standard double glazing, meaning the family will be able to enjoy using their garden room comfortably all year round.  They also have a totally maintenance free EPDM roof membrane and are clad in beautiful Western Red Cedar, both these materials have a lifespan of over 60 years in the UK climate. This Studio was topped off with a fantastic Sedum ‘living roof’. The interior was finished with white walls and an oak laminate floor along with electric socket points and low energy LED lighting.

The family were overjoyed with their finished garden and we know they will make fantastic use of their garden room.

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